Sea of Thieves Services are Temporarily Unavailable

A lot of players are searching for whether the Sea of Thieves services are temporarily unavailable or not. Well, if you are also a Sea of Thieves player and want to know why the game services are currently unavailable then you have landed to the right place.

Here you will be reading more about this topic and finding the right answer!

A very common error seen by many gamers is temporarily unavailable services. This means they are not able to play the game due to irrelevant or unavailable servers of the game.

Sea of Thieves Services are Temporarily Unavailable

Well, if you are also facing the same issue then don’t worry. This is a very common problem of the game and till the end of this blog, you will be able to solve this problem by yourself.

There can be many reasons behind the down server, and based on the cause, there are different solutions for that. So, you must know what causes the problem and its solution.

In this blog, we will be reading how to fix Sea of Thieves services are temporarily unavailable. Read this blog completely and you will be able to play the game for sure!

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Reasons for Services are Temporarily Unavailable

As mentioned, there can be different reasons for the Sea of Thieves services are temporarily unavailable error. So, before fixing the error you should what can be causing the error. As each issue is fixed differently you have to check these issues first.

This error can be caused mainly by these factors:

Low Frame Per Second Setting

When your game is set on the low frame per second setting, it generally reduces the efficiency of the game. While playing the game you will notice that you get less time to react or make any changes in the game. This can happen in any game due to low FPS.

Low frame per second means you get to see fewer frames within a second or your character will do things slowly. This causes the signals to take more time to know the game.

This affects the graphics quality of the game as well. So, a common reason why the game is showing such errors can be due to the low frame per second setting in the game.

Poor Internet Connection

Games like Sea of Thieves are fast-paced games that need fast internet speed, so it is very common that if you see such error in the game then it is commonly due to poor internet connection. They are generally based on specific bandwidth and Internet connection.

Sea of Thieves Services are Temporarily Unavailable

This problem can be fixed by switching to a VPN or clearing the DNS. You can also use Ethernet cables for a permanent solution or try to reset the router for fast internet speed.

Uncleared DNS Cache

Most of the internet games have this DNS cache issue with them. And no doubt if you are seeing the Sea of Thieves services are temporarily unavailable issue then it might be also caused by it. While playing the game the Domain Name System collects the cache.

So, to refresh your DNS it is important to clear it. This will help your network connection to reset quickly and work again efficiently. Clearing DNS catches is done on the internet.

Corrupt Game Files

This is a mistake made by gamers while downloading or installing the games. If you have downloaded the Sea of Thieves from a third-party source then there are chances that any game file may be corrupt. Also, sometimes a few files get lost or crash while downloading.

This can happen due to a slower internet connection or any common bug.

You can fix this issue by checking the game files in your system. If you have any corrupt file,  replace it or any missing file, download the resource pack and reinstall the game.

Fix Temporarily Unavailable Services

Above you read about the major reasons for the error now you should know how to fix the Sea of Thieves services are temporarily unavailable issue. If you are a regular player of the game then you might get to see this error from time to time so know the full solution here.

First, you have to check all the listed reasons for the error and fix them. We have listed the FPS, low internet, DNS cache, and corrupt file issues. You have to fix them by:

  • Setting the game to a high frame per second.
  • Having a good internet connection speed.
  • Clearing the domain name system cache from the internet.
  • Downloading and reinstalling the missing or corrupt files of the game.

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How to Fix Sea of Thieves Security Unavailable Error

You can fix theSea of Thieves services are temporarily unavailable by following a simple process. We have shared the steps that you have to follow to solve this error.

Sea of Thieves Services are Temporarily Unavailable

Use Ethernet Cable

A good way to solve the slow internet issue is to connect the bandwidth with an ethernet cable. No doubt, today, most gamers use the wireless internet connection but adding an ethernet cable makes sure you have a stable internet connection with good speed.

Thai ultimately solves the server problem.

Fix Router

Those who still do not want to use an ethernet cable, have to fix the router by resetting it. Resetting the router will reset the internet protocol address that holds the main server. Also, you can use a Virtual Private network which changes the location of the server of the game.

This will fix the error for sure!

Re-login in the Game

A very useful and simple solution is to sign out and then sign in to the game. This will give a fresh server to the game and will help you to play the game. It basically fixes the connection between the device and the internet. You can try this solution in the game.


This was our guide on Sea of Thieves Services are Temporarily Unavailable!

Now we hope you are able to fix the issue and play the game smoothly. If you ever face the same problem then you have to the same process or get a permanent solution for this. Also, if you have any other issues then let us know in the comment box. We will definitely fix that. This post will be updated soon.

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