Lost Ark Server Transfer

This blog contains a full guide on Lost Ark Server Transfer. If you wanted to know how can you transfer your Lost Ark characters to different server then make sure to read this full blog.

The Lost Ark players face a very common problem in the game and that is about changing the server or transferring it. If you have also played the game then you must want to know how to change the Lost Ark server. This is not possible as characters have fixed servers.

Lost Ark Server Transfer

Read the full guide to know more about Lost Ark Server Transfer!

While playing with friends on different servers, it becomes impossible to switch characters. But there are some ways through which your game to other servers.

what is Lost Ark Game?

Lost Ark is an epic action-packed MMORPG developed by Smilegate RPG.

Set in a stunning fantasy universe, players embark on a thrilling journey to find the Lost Ark and protect the realm from dark forces. It is one of the best games till now!

Lost Ark Server Transfer

Offering diverse character classes, intense combat mechanics, and visually stunning graphics, the game captivates players with its engaging quests and challenging raids.

Assemble parties, explore the vast world, and uncover the mysteries that lie within. Lost Ark promises an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience for fans of the genre.

what is Online Game Servers?

Before knowing the process for Lost Ark server transfer you know about the game servers.

Online game servers are crucial components of multiplayer gaming, acting as centralized hubs where players connect to play together. These servers manage gameplay, handle data exchange, and ensure smooth interactions.

They play a vital role in providing a seamless gaming experience, minimizing lags, and maintaining fair gameplay.

Here, Lost Ark’s game servers are the backbone of its immersive world!

They help a vast player base, hosting dynamic battles, group activities, and exciting quests. With powerful server infrastructure, Lost Ark delivers a lag-free environment, ensuring players can fully enjoy the game’s rich content and cooperative gameplay.

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How Can You Transfer Your Lost Ark Characters to Different Servers?

Now a very important question related to Lost Ark server transfer how can you transfer your characters to different servers? Is it possible or not? And should you try this or not?

Well generally, there is not any direct or permanent solution through which you can change the Lost Ark character server. So, you can not change or transfer the Lost Ark game’s server. And it is officially stated by the developers, which is Amazon Game Studios.

Lost Ark Server Transfer

They have said that currently, players are not allowed to transfer their servers or character in the game. So, if you are playing the game then you can not change any server activity.

The authority is held by the developers of the game so they control the server.

To attract more players from different global regions, this change has been made by the developers. Smilegate RPG, the owner of the game are still working on this game to better its servers. Soon, you will be able to do so but for now, you can not change the servers.

Lost Ark Game Servers

The game shares a lot of different servers for the players to choose from.

But most of the players select the wrong server and get confused while changing the characters. So, it is important to know on which server you are playing and which will be the best while playing with friends. Choose your game server carefully!

The character you create in the game gets directly linked to the server. Earlier, game characters get linked to the player’s account but now it has been changed on the Lost Ark.

As per the latest reports, soon the game will allow its users to transfer their playing characters to different servers. We will update that on our blog as soon as possible.

This change will be soon shared by Amazon so keep yourself updated!

Switching Servers is not Possible

The MMORPGs are known to develop good games. Looking at some of their previous games, they allow the players to change characters while the Lost Ark server transfer. But looking at this game, currently, we can say that switching servers on Lost Ark is not possible.

If you wanted to move your playing character from one server to another, you will need to stay on the same server the same as the player. With this, you will be able to see whom you are joining in the game. This is a quick trick that you can play with your friends.

Do Gold Transfer Not Lost Ark Server Transfer

We recommend transferring the gold, not the total server!

Although it is not simple as it looks you can do it for sure. For this, you must not go for a character at a direct server, instead, you will exchange the gold on the server and transfer it.

Also, it is important to know whether your PC can handle this gold transfer or not. It is not easy like the server transfer. You may need to download some extra files from the game website. If you face any technical issue then make sure to fix it before the transfer.


A very easy trick for Lost Ark server transfer is to use a VPN service.

There are many VPN apps and services available in different regions, you can go with any one of them. When you get a VPN connection, there you can transfer your character to more than 22,500 servers all over the world. We will let you know more about it later.


This was our guide on How can you transfer your lost Ark characters to different servers?

We hope now you can know the whole process of Lost Ark Server Transfer. As mentioned, currently it is not possible but soon it will. We will make sure to share a full update on that as soon as possible. Till then, share your thoughts in the comment section.

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