How to Throw a Alley Oop on 2K17

If you wanted to know how to throw a Alley Oop on 2K17 NBA Xbox 360 then you are at the right place. This blog will let you know more about this topic. Keep reading to know more.

As we know it is important to understand the passing and dunk movements of the game. It is an essential move in the NBA 2K17 game which you must learn. Once you are able to know how to pass and throw a alley oop then you will be able to perform impressive shots.

For this, you have to make sure to practice your in the court before joining a main match.

So, this blog contains a full guide on how to throw a Alley Oop on 2K17 NBA game. All players who are currently playing this game must check the full guide. We will be discussing many more important things related to this topic. Read here to know more.

What is Alley Oop?

When it comes to some of the great moves of basketball, we just need to add the Alley Oop shot. This move may look easier in the game but is really difficult in a real basketball game.

This move goes like a player running on the court near the basket and jumping in the air. While being in the air when he or she catches the ball and and makes a basket or even a dunk, this is known as the Alley Oop of Basketball. This is one of the unique passes!

There are different types of passes in basketball.

One of the common ones is near the basketball pass where one player passes the ball to another over the basket level and he dunks it directly into the basket. Another common move is a pass which is done on the basket. This is a version of self-pass done by players. 

When a player passes the ball by rebounding to the ground or throwing it on the basket or board it gets back to him and he sinks the ball in the basket with a jump, this is self-pass.

How to throw a Alley Oop on 2K17?

NBA 2K17 players who want to score high points with style must know how to throw a alley oop on 2K17. This is one of the unique and stylish ways a player can do in the game.

You will be shocked to know it is an effective weapon for the NBA 2K17 game!

By using this move you will be able to earn a stylish point for your team and also attract the opponent team. If you are doing what is the best situation to do a alley oop then it is during the transition situations. You can do it anytime but the best way to earn points is this only.

You will have a chance to attack your opponents and win the points. You have to double-tap on the Y or Triangle button while you are in 2 on 1 fast break situation in the game.

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Alley Oop on NBA 2K17 Xbox 360

Performing the Alley Oop on NBA 2K17 Xbox 360 is quite tricky!

You have to pass the ball to your teammate while having a favourable situation. As soon as you get the ball passed back, make sure to jump and catch the ball. While being in the air, you have to hold the left trigger button down and take the dunk. Release the trigger to shoot.

How to Throw a Alley Oop on 2K17

This might look tricky the first time but after a few practices, you will be able to know how to throw a alley oop on 2K17 on Xbox 360. You can also do the same with the right button.

Here, you have to release the button when your teammate jumps up.

While holding the right button for the 2-hand duck, you have to keep the button down. To do this you have to hold the right button in your face’s direction. Players on the Xbox 360 can do this differently by moving the right button to the left or right side. This makes a pass.

Y Button for Alley Oop

A useful trick in the game is to use the Y button for alley oop. This will make your teammate cut to the basket for sure. While holding the triangle button down, you can control your teammates and make them score by their side. This is a good feature of the game.

A lot of players make strategies with this trick and improve their shooting skills.

How to Throw a Alley Oop on 2K17

We recommend practising this trick so you will be able to better your shooting percentage at different angles. Also, this will help you to better your reflexes and strategy-making in the NBA. Keep reading to know how to throw a alley oop on 2k17 in MyCareer.

The Alley Oop is an important trick in NBA 2K17 Xbox 360. A player who wants to learn other high-pass attribute tricks of the game can start by learning the alley oop one.

Alley Oop in MyCareer

If you want to know how to how to throw a alley oop on 2k17 in MyCarrer then you have to read the above paragraphs first. In this game, having a skilful teammate is a must.

While you are near the basket it is important that any of your teammates should also be there. There you have to press the Square button or the X button and take the left stick to the hoop. You can also press the R2 button that makes your jump and hoop hit.

While in the air, press the R button and finish the move.

NBA Jam Alley Oop

You may not be aware of the fact that both the alley oop in NBA Jam and in NBA 2K17 are the same. You have to hold the turbo button while moving the left stick to the front. During the right moment, you will be able to see the move and also complete other moves.

Double-tap the Y button or the Triangle button while being in the air to do the same trick!

Players who are not able to do this can directly hold the R button and shoot the dunk in the air. These moves might look tricky but you will learn with some practice and shots.

Those who are playing this game on the PS4 have to be close to the basket. First, pass the ball to a teammate and then as soon as he jumps, do the trick and score a stylish point!


This was our guide on How to Throw a Alley Oop on 2K17!

We hope you have found this guide informative and are now able to do this trick with ease. We have shared different guides on reliable game tricks, make sure to check them also. Do not forget to share your views with us in the comment section. We will give more update soon.

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