How to Use Xbox Controller on PS4

This blog contains a full guide on how to use Xbox controller on PS4! For those who have an Xbox controller and want to use it on PS4, we will let them know whether they can do so or not. And if yes, then how can the use Xbox controller on PS4? Read the full blog here.

This is a good fact that one can use the Xbox controller on other devices like PS4 or PS5. Using a controller from different systems on different systems will need a little bit of work.

But no doubt it will definitely work!

You can easily content controller from Xbox to PS4 or to PS5. You will be able to use this trick with different devices and also can tell your friends about this trick. Those who love video games and want to use an Xbox controller on different systems can use it now.

In this blog, we will be reading about the process and brief steps to connect an Xbox controller to a PS4. If you have an extra Xbox controller then make sure to use it on other devices.

Is that Possible to Use Xbox Controller on PS4?

Yes, it is possible! You can connect an Xbox controller on PS4. There are different methods for that which we will discuss in this blog. A key point for connecting this is that the more modern the controller you have, the better connection you will get with the PS4 or PS5.

Those who use Xbox controllers must know that the original controllers of Xbox are built with quality. They can easily connected to a PC and work smoothly like a regular controller.

How to Use Xbox Controller on PS4

An Xbox 360 controller can be used on other systems using third-party hardware.

One can use the Bluetooth and make it possible. The Bluetooth connectivity makes sure to connect two different game devices with a strong connection. Using Bluetooth connectivity gives a smooth and seamless gaming experience on different devices.

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Tools for Connecting to PS4

For connecting Xbox Controller on PS4, you can use different tools. These tools are used differently for different versions of the controller. Depending on which controller you have, you can connected it with the PS4 while having both wire and wireless connection.

The basic tools for connecting Xbox controller with PS4 are:

  • Bluetooth
  • Adapter
  • Driver
  • USB Cable
  • PS Remote Play App

Controller You can Connect to PS4

Although it is possible to connect an Xbox controller on PS4 you should know that not every controller of Xbox can be connected to that. The only modern controllers that have updated hardware are able to connect with this. Specifically, there are 5 types of controllers for that.

The different types of Xbox controllers lie in these categories only.

  • Xbox 360 controller
  • Xbox Adaptive controller
  • Xbox One controller
  • Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller
  • Original Xbox controller: Duke

We will highlight the features of these controllers in a while. You will get to know how you can connect these different Xbox controllers to other PS4 systems. The process of connecting different controllers is different so make sure to read all them in brief.

Xbox 360 Controller

The first modern controller from the Xbox is this 360 controller version which has a general design with it. It comes with a unique feature of quick connection and disconnect with devices.

 Xbox Controller on PS4

Also, a version of it is connected through a USB cable.

This can be used as a wireless Xbox controller on PS4 as it is the first to do so. Here, you do not need to add any third-party adapter to its connection. But you can use an extra driver that makes sure you have better connectivity. The driver is shared by Microsoft for PS4.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

A very interesting and helpful controller is the Xbox Adaptive controller which is specifically designed for gamers with disabilities. Here one can find QuadStick FPS which is a type of peripherals. This helps gamers with disabilities to play the game comfortably.

But this controller is not designed for connecting with other devices like PS4.

So unfortunately you can use this controller on PS4.

Xbox One controller

The Xbox One Controller comes in three variations Series 1,2, and 2 Core.

The Series 1 is basically used on Xbox One controller while the Series 2 is based on Xbox Series S and X. While the Series 2 Core is an updated version of Series 2 with customizability options. The first two are very high in demand in the market.

Xbox Series 1 and 2 have the same features of connectivity for PS4.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller

The Xbox series X and S are the first two controllers which came up with Bluetooth connectivity. This makes sure the gamers have moderate connectivity as it has a plug-and-play feature without an adapter. It also includes a common micro-USB in it.

These versions hold the general design and working. They came with an upgraded USB-C connection with them. There is a 3.5mm audio jack button in the controller for headphones.

To connect this controller to PS4 or PS5 you will need PS Remote Play or an adapter.

The Bluetooth connectivity of this controller is very smooth and gives a better experience than a USB cable. We recommend using a USB cable which will allow you to have uninterrupted gameplay on other devices as well. The pairing with this is very simple.

Duke: Original Xbox Controller

Duke is the original version of the Xbox controller which looks clunky and has a large size.

You can connect this controller through a standard USB cable and use it on a computer. But it is not the same while connecting to the PS4. For this, you will need an extra driver. This driver works as a translator of signals between the signal sending and receiving devices.

Or you can use it using a Remote Play app on the PS4. This app was developed by Sony!


This was our guide on How to connect Xbox controller on PS4!

Above we have already listed the Xbox controllers which can be connected with the PS4 or PS5. And we have also mentioend which tools are mostly used for this connectivity.

Now, its your turn to use an Xbox controller to play games on PS4.

We hope you have found our guide informative and look forward to reading more blogs. Make sure to share your view on this topic in the comment section. We will update soon!

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