Boxing Games for Xbox One

Looking for the best boxing games for Xbox One? Well, your search is over now! All the gamers who wanted to know Xbox One’s best boxing games should read this blog.

As we know Xbox is a very popular gaming platform, where you can play thousands of games in different genres. But if you like to play boxing games which are full of action and thrill then you should know about some games.

If you wanted to top 5 boxing games for Xbox One then we will help you with that!

In this blog, we will cover Xbox One popular boxing games. So, to get a full update on this topic make sure to read this blog completely. All important details are mentioned below.

Top 5 Bext Xbox One Boxing Games

Let’s get direct to our topic and see which are the best boxing games for Xbox One. Although there are many on the internet, here we have included the top 5 only.

Best Boxing Games For Xbox One

Fight Night Champion

Released by EA Sports, Fight Night Champion stands as a landmark title in boxing games.

It introduced a refined control scheme that allowed players to throw punches with precision and strategy, capturing the essence of real boxing.

What sets it apart is the engaging narrative-driven Champion Mode, offering an immersive storyline that follows a promising fighter’s journey through triumphs and setbacks.

This unique factor combined with impressive graphics and a vast roster of boxers from different eras contributed to its popularity. The game’s realistic mechanics and captivating single-player campaign solidified its position as a must-play for boxing enthusiasts.

Best Boxing Games For Xbox One

Real Boxing

Vivid Games brought Real Boxing to the Xbox One in 2013, emphasizing realistic graphics and physics-based gameplay.

It garnered popularity by offering players the chance to create their own boxers and guide them through a career. The game’s unique factor is its focus on customization, allowing players to fine-tune their fighters’ appearance and abilities.

With intuitive touch controls and a variety of gameplay modes, Real Boxing capitalized on the mobile gaming experience while adapting it to the console.

Its blend of customization and accessible gameplay helped it gain recognition among boxing gaming enthusiasts. Which is your favourite PC boxing game? Let us know now!

Best Boxing Games For Xbox One

Boxing Champs

The next in our list of Boxing Games for Xbox One is a popular one, Boxing Champs!

Boxing Champs, an indie title developed by Raz Games, harks back to the classic 8-bit era of boxing games. Released in 2020, it resonates with nostalgia by adopting pixel art graphics and straightforward controls.

Its unique factor lies in the retro charm that attracts both veteran gamers and newcomers looking for a simpler yet engaging boxing experience.

Despite not having the graphical prowess of AAA titles, Boxing Champs earned popularity for its nostalgic appeal, demonstrating that gameplay and simplicity can sometimes outweigh cutting-edge graphics.

Don King Presents: Prizefighter

Developed by Venom Games and published by 2K Sports, Don King Presents: Prizefighter attempted to bring a more personal touch to boxing games.

It introduced a Career Mode that showcased the boxer’s life outside the ring, complete with training, media interactions, and rivalries. This unique approach aimed to offer a holistic boxing experience.

Keep reading to know more boxing games for Xbox One.

Though the game faced mixed reviews due to its unconventional mechanics, the integration of a boxer’s full journey added depth. Despite its criticisms, it attracted attention for its ambitious concept and Don King’s association, marking it as a distinctive entry in the genre.

Round4Round Boxing

Round4Round Boxing, released in 2022, rejuvenates the genre by integrating virtual reality (VR) technology. Developed by Steel City Interactive, this game immerses players in the world of boxing like never before.

The VR aspect allows players to physically simulate punches and movements, amplifying the feeling of being in the ring. Its unique factor is the use of VR, offering a new level of realism and engagement.

While relatively new, Round4Round Boxing has garnered attention for its innovative approach to gameplay and its potential to redefine how players experience boxing games.

How to Download Boxing Games for Xbox One?

So, now you have read about the top 5 boxing games for Xbox One. And now you must be thinking about how you can download a boxing game on Xbox and play it for free! If that is so then don’t worry, we will solve this problem as well. Read more to know further steps.

You can download boxing games on Xbox One by connecting your console to the internet. This feature is available on the console, on it and open Wi-Fi or Ethernet option.

There you have to open Microsoft Store which can be seen on the home screen. You can find it using the search tool on the console. Next, find the boxing game you wanted to play.

Before downloading the game, make sure to check its specifications.

See whether it is compatible with your Xbox One console or not. Download those games only which can be run on your device. Otherwise, they will create issues while running.

Now, you have to select a game and install it. Also, if it is paid then you have to buy it before installing. Which games are free and which games are paid, you can check specific categories for that. Also, we have listed some free games so read them as well.

Also, Check our previous article Top 5 Games Like Heardle.

Free Xbox One Boxing Game

As you read which are the boxing games available there on the Xbox? The above listed games are some top ones and some of them are also paid. If you wanted to play them then you have to buy them first. But we will also like to list some free boxing games available there.

Here is the list of Free Boxing Games for Xbox One.

  • World of Boxing Tournament
  • Real Boxing 2
  • Creed: Rise to Glory
  • Rumble Box: Tournament Edition
  • Fury Boxing
  • Glove Slap
  • Fight Game: Rivals
  • Real Steel Champions
  • Extreme Boxing Championship
  • Boxing Star


This was our guide on the boxing games for Xbox One.

Above we have listed the top 5 games which you will love to play on Xbox One. So, make sure to check them out now! Also, you will get a list of free boxing games available.

So, which game you are going to play now? Let us know in the comment section.

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