Best Smoke Spots Dust 2

Which are the best smoke spots dust 2? Do you know about it? Well, if not then we will help you on this topic, we will be reading more about it. So, check the best smoke of Dust 2 here.

As we know smoke grenades are a type of throwable accessory that you can use to take cover or escape an intense situation in any game. This is a necessary thing that you can use while moving from one place to another while hiding from your enemy.

Most of the battle, adventurous, and story-based games provide smoke grenades.

But in this guide, we will be reading about the Best Some Spots Dust 2 in Counter Strike: Global Offensive Game. We will let you know what are the best sports you should use for smoking in COGS. So, if you are interested in this topic then read more about it here.

What is COGS: Dust 2 Game

COGS: Dust 2 is a popular video game that takes players on exciting adventures.

It’s like a journey where you explore different places, solve puzzles, and uncover mysteries. In the game, you become a detective and use your brainpower to solve problems. Imagine you’re in a world filled with gears, gadgets, and contraptions.

Best Smoke Spots Dust 2

Your mission is to make these things work together to unlock doors, discover secrets, and move forward. The game encourages you to think creatively, connect the dots, and find solutions.

It’s like a fun challenge for your mind, where each level brings new and exciting things to figure out. COGS: Dust 2 is not just about playing, but also about learning how things fit and work in a playful and enjoyable way.

So, if you’re into adventures and solving puzzles, COGS: Dust 2 might be the perfect game for you! Keep reading to know more about where to use smoke in the Dust 2 game.

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Working of Smoke Bomb

In Dust 2, a smoke bomb is a tactical tool that creates a smokescreen to block vision and disrupt enemy strategies. When you a smoke bomb, it releases a thick cloud of smoke that spreads over an area.

This smoke obstructs the line of sight, making it harder for opponents to see and aim accurately. Players often use smoke bombs to hide movement, plant bombs, or defend a position.

The smoke’s effectiveness depends on the location it’s thrown and the angles it covers.

Best Smoke Spots Dust 2

Skilled players strategically deploy smoke bombs to gain an advantage by creating confusion and limiting opponents’ visibility.

This tactical element adds depth and excitement to the gameplay, as players need to think smartly about when and where to use smoke bombs to outmanoeuvre their opponents on the Dust 2 map. We will let you know where you can use the smoke bomb in the game.

Best Spots to Use Smoke in Dust 2

So, you read about the workings of the smoke game. Here are some important places where you must use the smoke bomb. While playing the game you have to make strategy, and when it comes to the defence, smoke bombs are good things to use.

Here are the best smoke spots dust 2 you should try!

Long Doors Smoke

When you’re at the “Terrorist” side and want to cross to the “A Site” without getting shot, throw your smoke towards the doors at the far end of Long. This blocks the enemy’s view and lets you move safely.

Cross to B Site

As a Terrorist, getting to the “B Site” can be tricky. Toss a smoke between the two tunnels to block the sightline of any snipers or defenders, giving you and your team a chance to safely cross.

Mid to B Split

If you’re attacking the “B Site” from Mid, throw a smoke towards the big box. This helps split the attention of defenders and gives you a cover to move towards the B Site.

A Site Plant

When you’re trying to plant the bomb at the “A Site,” use a cloud of smoke to block off the view from “A Long” and “A Short.” This makes it harder for defenders to see you planting, increasing your chances of success.

Window Smoke from Tunnels

If you’re attacking the “A Site” and want to block the view from the “Window” area, stand in the Tunnels and throw smoke toward the window. This gives you and your team more freedom to manoeuvre. It is one of the best smoke spots dust 2!

CT Spawn Smoke from B Site

When attacking the “B Site,” you can throw smoke from the B Site towards CT Spawn. This limits the vision of defenders and prevents them from easily spotting you as you move in.

Other HE Grenades for Spots Dust 2

A game is not limited to smoke bombs only. There are several other throwable bombs available which you should also use often. Here are some other common HE grenades in Counter Strike: Global Offensive game that you should learn to use.


Flashbangs are used to blind opponents temporarily. When thrown, they emit a bright flash of light and a loud noise, causing enemies to be temporarily disoriented and making them an easier target.

Flashbangs are commonly used to create opportunities for your team to push, take control of an area, or catch opponents off guard.


A Molotov cocktail is an incendiary device that creates a damaging area of flames upon impact. Players often use it to deny opponents access to specific areas, force them out of hiding spots, or delay enemy advances.


This was our guide to the best smoke spots Dust 2!

So, which spot did you find best to use the smoke bombs in Dust 2? Comment below.

We hope you have found this guide informative and the shared details reliable. If that is so, then don’t forget to share your views in the comment section and let us know. Also, check our other blogs on this website which are related to games. This blog will be updated soon!

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