Best Lighthouse Keys Tarkov

The best lighthouse keys Tarkov are listed here. As we know, the Lighthouse has seen changes with the meta expansion, so we will be looking for its keys. Read more here.

There are different keys available for the lighthouse, some are newly added while some are old ones. Also, we got to see many changes in old keys. The best-known ones are Tarkov! These are found in bags, jackets, and pockets of Scavs with some special marks.

Here we will be reading about the best lighthouse keys Tarkov and will let you know which keys will be best for you. The listed keys are relatively low price but highly valuable.

Lighthouse Map Tarkov

Lighthouse Map in Escape from Tarkov is a coastal location featuring an attractive lighthouse, offering a unique and challenging gameplay experience. Situated on a peninsula, it’s surrounded by water, making navigation difficult.

Best Lighthouse Keys Tarkov

Intense firefights occur amid crumbling buildings and rocky terrain, making it a sought-after destination for daring scavengers and well-organized squads.

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Top 6 Best Lighthouse Keys Tarkov

Here is the list of some best keys in the Lighthouse in Tarkov game. Read more below for finding Best Lighthouse Keys Tarkov.  

Best Lighthouse Keys Tarkov

Shared Bedroom Marked Key

The shared bedroom marked key is one of the best lighthouse keys tarkov. With this key, you will be able to get the best loot available on the map. Also, on the water treatment plant. By using this key you will be able to unlock a room that includes a jacket, a med case, and a sports bag on paper. But if you were lucky, you may get rare loot there as well!

Currently, this is a rare key in Lighthouse, you can not buy it with cash at the flea market. But if you wanted to buy it, you may check barter trades. Bitcoins, vases, and pro-kill medallions can be upgraded with this kye.

Radar Station Commandant Room Key

Here you will read about a conference room key, and this one, the radar station commandant room key is very like it. Find this key and open the room to get loose loot spawns, a jacket, a weapon box, rare loot spawns, a PC, attachment spawns, and many more. You will also need this key for completing a Tarkov quest. You can buy it in barter trade. The key is not much expensive but will bring good loot for you. It is worth having this key!

Best Lighthouse Keys Tarkov

Conference Room Key

Like the marked key, this is also a convenient key available for Lighthouse. The room you will unlock using the conference key will have a PC, a weapon box, a filing cabinet, an intelligence spawn desk, and loose loot spawns. If you are lucky enough then you may get a rare loot spawn. This key is very rare but when you get it make sure to use it!

If you are going for Kappa then you will definitely need this key for completing a quest. But the only downside of this key is, it is very hard to find there. You be careful and find it!

Best Lighthouse Keys Tarkov

Convenience Stoor Storage Room Key

Among the 5 best lighthouse keys Tarkov, we have the convenience stoor storage key. The cost of this key is about 20,000 roubles at the flea market which is not comparatively cheaper than other keys. So, you may directly buy it. With this, you will get a chance to win rare loot like food spawn, lootable Scav, loot spawns, and a med case as well.

Currently, it is a cheaper key in this list and is also recommended by us. Also, it is not present in high PVP areas. While playing Lighthouse if you get a chance to pick it up, make sure to grab that. By spawning near the village you can loot the convenience store and use the key.

Merin Car Trunk Key

Merin car trunk key is known to be one of the best lighthouse keys tarkov and is highly popular as well. Those who do not play the game regularly can also recognize this key with its name. When you check in at the flea market, it will cost you around 100,000 rubles, making it one of the costliest keys of the Lighthouse. There are many use of this key so if you find it, don’t make it go empty. You can use this key in the one-slot item as well.

By using this key you can unlock a car. Sometimes, it may bring other loot as well.

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Water Treatment Plant Storage Room Key

Moving further in our list, here we have a pretty common and average key. This key is very common in Lighthouse so there is a high chance that you get one. With this, you will be able to unlock a storage room or a type of toolbox with rare loot spawns. The items you will get here are generally related to tech. You will get to see an intel spawn on the table.

Keys to Keep in Tarkov

There are different types of keys available in the Tarkov and if you are especially playing the Lighthouse map, you will identify the above-listed keep for sure. Players wanted to know which keys they should keep in Tarkov or what are important keys in the game.

Well, for that you should first know whether it is a quest key or not. If yes then know whether you will get enough money by selling that key or not. If yes, then you can definitely keep that key. It will help you in the game for sure.

These keys are very useful, and when you need immediate cash, you can sell them in flea markets as well. Or the best you can do is use them in Lighthouse and loot the items.


This was our guide on the Best Lighthouse Keys Tarkov.

We hope you have found this guide informative and all the keys reliable as per your search. If yes, then make sure to share your views in the comment section and let us know. We will make sure to update this blog with more content, as soon as possible.

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