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Looking for the Free Bangla Word Software Download for Windows? If yes, then you have landed in the right place because here we will be reading more about this software. So, if you wanted to know how to Download Bangla Word Typing Tool for free then read here.

Today typing in Indian languages is much more important than other languages. In India, state languages are given the same value as the given to the Hindi and English languages.

One of the important languages in India is Bangla!

This language is mainly used in West Bengal so the need for Bangla Word Typing Software is high in that region. As you also looking for an easy-to-use typing software for Bengali! 

So in this blog, we will be reading more about the This Software. Here we will discuss steps to Bangla Word Software Free Download download and set up this software as well. Make sure to read the full blog.

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About Amar Bangla Word

Amar Bangla Word Software is a Windows-based typing software available on the internet. This software is currently one of the best tools available for Bangla Word Typing as it brings all the necessary features with it. Let’s know more about the technicality of this tool.

This is a Windows-based tool that you can download in around 10 MB. What makes this tool unique is that you will not need to download any extra plugins or tools after this.

Bangla Word

It is created by Bangla Word Group and you can use it on both 32 Bit/ 64 Bit systems.

Currently, the Amar Bangla Word Software has been downloaded and used by more than 2 million users. The downloads are not only limited to India but it is used in other countries as well.

Like if you need a Bengla Word Typing Software then this one will be a great option. The design and bug-free working of this tool makes it the best among the available software. You can use it easily while working on Bengali documents or related to Bangla Font. 

You can run this tool by using the “.bwd” extension on your PC.

Developers Guide

When it comes to writing Bengali documents, Amar Banglaword Windows Software comes first on the internet. It is a special word processing tool designed for this purpose and available for free. As we know that vowels ( स्वर ) and consonants ( व्यंजन ) are used.

So, this tool allows you to type these with no difficulty!

Most Bengali Word users do not use secondary keyboards for Bengala Word Typing. And you must be using the regular QWERTY font keyboard for this. So, the developers have made sure that all Bangla characters are placed correctly on this keyboard.

Features of Bangla Word Software

While using the Bangla Word Software, you will experience some unique typing features on it. Here is the list of the features you will get to see on the software. Read more here.

Bangla Script

As we mentioned that this tool is specially designed for Windows-based systems. But this feature of the tool allows us to access Bangla word typing on different devices including Android and iOS phones as well. So, you can type Bengali on your phone also.

Bangla Word

Bangla word Font

As we know that while typing any other language instead of English, the tool converts the English alphabet into the particular language’s characters. The same is with this tool also, you can easily use the regular QWERTY layout keyboard and type in Bangla Word.

Photonic Typing Sound

An extra feature added to this tool is the photonic typing sound that confirms that whatever you type is inputted. Whenever you press a button on the keyboard, a sound can be heard.

Convert English Characters

If you have used other Bengali typing tool then you know that some simply translates the English words into Bengali. But this tool is specially designed for not only translating but also converting English characters into Bangali. That makes it a perfect tool!

Versatile Tool

This tool can be used on many devices. Those who are looking for Bengali typing software for computer typing tests then they must go for this. It will allow you to type on different devices. So, you can practice Bengali typing on various devices for free.

Low Technicality

Where most typing tools have complex technicalities and setup guides, this tool is very simple in that field. Here we have also shared the system set-up details so read them also.

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System Set-up Details of Bangla Word

Before downloading the Bangla Word Software you must know the set-up details for its latest version. As the tool runs differently on different systems so you may face any issues after downloading it. You have to make sure to know the basic system setup details of it.

Bangla Word

The shared tool is versatile and can be used on many devices. It is not just limited to Windows only but you can use it on other devices as well. The original one is for Windows.

Developer: Bangla Word Group

Latest Version: V1.10.0

Operating System Support: Windows (all versions)

Hard Disk: 50MB or above

Processor: Intel Premium or above

RAM: 128 GB or above

Amar Bangla word software free download

Found this Amar Bangla Word software useful? If yes, then so you can Amar Bangla Word Software Free Download. This tool can be downloaded and installed by following these shared steps.

  • Click on the shared LINK in this blog.
  • Download the shared file.
  • Next, go to My Computer and then to Downloads.
  • There you will see the downloaded file. Double Click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Give all the necessary Set-up Permissions.
  • Now complete the setup.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Now, you can use this tool for free.


This was our guide on Bangla Word Software.

We hope you have found our guide informative, if yes, then make sure to check other related blogs on this website. So, will you download this tool for Bangla typing? Share your views in the comment section and let us know. We will update this post soon.

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